June 18, 2018

Rent to Credit

How Renting Through Bayou Oaks Can Boost Your Credit

Bayou Oaks is a verified landlord through Rent to Credit! Rent to Credit reports your on time rent payments to the credit bureaus to boost your credit score! When you pay your rent on time, your credit score increases. Bayou Oaks has partnered with Rent to Credit to get our tenants the good credit that they deserve! Find out more at Rent to Credit’s website.

How It Works

In 2015, the credit bureaus began accepting rental payments as a factor in determining credit. Rent to Credit verifies that a tenant has paid their rent on time then uploads that on time payment to the credit bureau. When tenants pay their rent on time, their credit is significantly increased. Rent to Credit is changing the way that renters build credit!

Existing Tenant Opt-In Form

Bayou Oaks is partnered with Rent to Credit to help boost all of our tenants’ credit scores! Existing tenants can sign up for the service through this link. It only takes about 5 minutes to fill out and you will be set up to build your credit while renting at Bayou Oaks!